CBD stands for cannabidiol, which is a compound found mainly in the flowers of  hemp plant. The use of CBD flower is widespread all over the world, and its importance is increasing rapidly. Undisputed star of the wellness and relaxation industry, CBD extracted from the plant Cannabis L. Sativa or “cultivated hemp” is favored by 7 million consumers in France (according to figures from the interprofession of the hemp industry).

Of all the forms of CBD, leaves and flowers are the most successful, and for good reason: this product is available all year round, shines with its versatility and preserves the active ingredients of hemp plants. Consumed in infusion, decoction, as a cooking ingredient or in a vaping liquid, CBD flower provides several benefits for the body: anti-inflammatory effect, analgesic properties, soothing effects, etc.

The Indoor CBD flower is derived from a female plant of Cannabis L. Sativa or cultivated hemp. Indoor cultivation, or Indoor, is the most recent method of growing hemp plants. It results in premium CBD flowers, with generally higher quality than Outdoor cultivation for one simple reason: all plant growth variables are under control, including humidity, quality of the cultivation soil, light intensity, pH, etc. This control of the crop variables, moreover, limits hemp and hemp compounds that exceed the 0.3% THC limit, the latter of which must be properly destroyed in accordance with current legislation.

321CBD offers many varieties of indoor grown CBD flowers, with the must-have CBD Amnesia Haze, CBD Freeze Kush flower, CBD Orange variety, Rock Blue Ice flower, Premium Trim, White Fire, Nina Lemon, etc. Our indoor CBD flowers are selected from the best producers in France, Italy and Switzerland. Enjoy a range of over 20 varieties of premium CBD flowers at smart prices with authentic taste, preserved organic flavors and THC < 0.3%.

Indoor vs. Outdoor CBD flowers: a quick comparison of the two products

The debate among growers of Cannabis L. Sativa or hemp grown on the best mode of cultivation (Indoor vs. Outdoor) has been going on for several decades and will likely continue for a long time to come. Each method of growing CBD flowers has advantages and disadvantages.

Yield, potency, bud structure, terpene production and cannabinoid concentration (CBD and CBDA in particular) are all affected by the growing environment. Traditionally, the majority of CBD flowers are grown outdoors, so much so that many still believe that the CBD products found in the trade are exclusively from bud grown outdoors.

In our day-to-day business, it is noted that few consumers have tasted true indoor-grown CBD flower, as the supply of CBD products is largely dominated by outdoor cultivation. 321CBD however proposes you an interesting stock of Indoor varieties of premium quality, available in delivery everywhere in France for orders from 5 grams.

Here are the main differences between Indoor and Outdoor growing methods:


  • While Outdoor growing is more “close to nature,” Indoor growing allows for almost total control of all plant growing variables thanks in part to ventilation and air conditioning. Hail, rain and thunderstorms are much less of a concern when crops are protected by concrete walls!
  • The use of artificial light allows for control of light spectra regardless of weather;
  • Indoor growing also allows for better control of soil quality (addition of nutrients). Sometimes, Indoor cultivation even allows for better management of water resources by avoiding water-stressed regions, for example;
  • Indoor cultivation can perfectly be done on a “living soil” to combine the benefits of indoor and outdoor, with premium quality CBD Flower with strong flavors and THC levels below 0.3%;
  • Outdoor CBD flower cultivation guarantees a “terroir” effect, as the crops are directly impacted by the region’s own characteristics;
  • More generally, CBD bud from outdoor cultivation is cheaper to produce but sometimes has inconsistent quality in that growers do not have control over all of the cultivation variables.

CBD bud grown indoors is generally more expensive than CBD flowers grown outdoors. This is because, to the extent that growers have to invest more in controlling growing factors (light, humidity, temperature, soil), the cost is greater and is reflected in the selling price.

Why make the choice of indoor grown CBD flowers

Cannabis L. Sativa plants have the ability to grow virtually anywhere. And since plants become products of their environment, hemp’s characteristics are largely dependent on climatic conditions and soil quality. CBD-rich hemp flowers grown indoors are “optimized” to retain the active ingredients of CBD for a preserved analgesic, anti-inflammatory and soothing effect.

Here are the main benefits of choosing indoor-grown CBD flowers:

  • CBD flowers grown indoors are more potent. Indeed, with full control over the growth substrate, the spectrum-optimized artificial light maximizes the cannabinoid’s potency in the crops. In fact, CBD flower grown indoors can exceed 25% cannabidiol, compared to a maximum of 15% for CBD flowers grown outdoors. The soothing effect is thus optimized, and the organic notes of plants are raised. So don’t hesitate to dilute your Indoor legal cannabis teas with fruity flavors or tart notes.
  • CBD flowers grown indoors are chemical-free. Even the most sustainability-conscious Outdoor hemp growers can’t guarantee the absence of agrochemicals in the groundwater and ambient air. That’s why Indoor crops are the only way to produce CBD flowers free of agrochemicals and heavy metals;
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